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Tips for Hiring Temps and Temp Agencies

Temporary workers can be a gift that keeps on giving, especially during the busy holiday season. They meet your staffing needs at a lower cost than regular full-time employees with benefits, which is a huge plus when you don’t have the resources to hire permanent staff.

More and more each year, businesses of all shapes and sizes are turning to temps for help. If you’re thinking about hiring temporary employees for your business, here are some helpful tips for selecting an agency, handling the legal requirements, and making your new employees feel like they are a part of your team.

Assess the Costs

Sometimes you may pay higher hourly rates to temps than full-time permanent employees because you’re paying both wages and a temp-agency fee. Before signing on with an agency, do the math.

For example, if the going rate for a position is $10 an hour and agency fee is an additional $4 an hour, could pay someone you hire yourself less than $14 an hour? In other words, could you find someone easily, within the right amount of time, fill positions at scale, or would the hassle of procuring a temp on your own outweigh the cost of using an agency?

Select a Temp Agency

If you go the agency route, choose one or two and stick with them. Build relationships with the representatives who influence which workers are sent to your company. Invite the reps to your company, give them a tour, and answer their questions. “Treat them like employees you want to hire.

Pick an agency that screens its workers properly. Your agency becomes as much a part of your team, as the employees they send your way.

Make Temps Feel Like Part of the Team

Once you’ve selected an agency, you want to keep your great finds. To be successful using temps, assign each one a more experienced person to shadow on staff. This provides a means for the temp to get answers to questions, which can help increase his or her commitment to your business and boost productivity.

Provide every temp with an orientation that covers basic company policies, including those involving OSHA and labor laws. Share the company’s culture.

Do the Proper Paperwork

When using temporary workers, keep impeccable records and work with an agency, like Penguin Staffing that will help you do this. Employers should have a signed offer letter for each temporary hire, properly classify any temporary employee under wage and hour laws, and request any necessary work permits for minors.

Don’t get into trouble by thinking that you can avoid complaints or even lawsuits by hiring people indirectly through agencies. You could still face legal exposure as a co-employer, if there’s a problem, such as claims of discrimination, and as always, any reputable agency will have policies and procedures in place to help mitigate and deal with these common risks.

If you are looking to work with a professional and organized agency, contact one of our experts today.

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