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The Hospitality Industry Reinvented

PenguinSTAFF goes beyond just reinventing the wheel, they are the wheel when it comes to staffing the hospitality industry. Staffing challenges are common in the industry and we’ve made it easier than ever to supply your next event or solve your short-staff problems by using our on-demand marketplace. If you’re in need of immediate, short or long-term staffing, we have the ability to connect you with a skilled contractor. We offer a wide selection of high-caliber hospitality staff, catering staff, event staff, banquet staff and bartender available for temporary or permanent hire.

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Short-Staffed Worries A Thing Of The Past

Never again worry about being short-staffed for your upcoming event. With absenteeism reported by businesses up to 15 times a month from their staff, you need an agency you can trust. PenguinSTAFF is that business. Qualified workers are available for immediate, short and long-term staffing and each of them is properly vetted. Not only do we help get you with good people, we handle payroll and help you reduce expenses in the process.

Compliance is Peace of Mind

We know that compliance is one of your top concerns. PenguinSTAFF takes care of all the liability for our clients. We process payroll through a national leader in payroll-processing. By doing so, we safeguard you by having all employee taxes paid utilizing an electronic web-based I-9 software that certifies all associates are compliant.

Our compensation claims management programs for safety and workers’ claims are the best of the best. Each employee is insured for general liability as well as theft and workers’ compensation. Should there ever be an injury on the job, our programs ensure that employees receive appropriate medical care. Our employees undergo thorough background checks, making sure you are shielded from all liability.

We protect our clients first. By providing top notch payroll-processing, superb claims management and expertly conducted background checks you will never have to worry about being fined for hiring undocumented workers, be assessed for unpaid back taxes or be ordered to pay workers compensation claims. You’re protected when you choose PenguinSTAFF because we hire the best people each and every time.

We are one of the most established event staffing companies in the area, serving Washington DC, Alexandria, Richmond and Arlington, VA and Baltimore, MD.

Benefits of working with Penguin!

Liability insurance for all associates

Workers’ compensation

State & Federal Payroll Taxes

Other time-consuming HR Services



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